Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Condition

The service begins upon signup. Upon signup, the login credentials provided to you, will immediately be functional, and those same credentials will be emailed to the address that you provided. Your login will be used for the web and mobile application. Your subscription will billed on a quarterly basis approximately every 90 days. Your billing statement will charge as Eblaa listing services. You can cancel anytime by visiting your Account Settings page or contact merchant@eblaa.com, or call  +91-9999626900. Canceling your subscription stops the charge at the start of your billing date-- but your service will continue through the end of your current term. You understand that if you cancel less than 1 day prior to the next billing date, you risk that your monthly payment may have already been processed, and that a refund will not be issued. I understand that canceling is solely my responsibility and the service is a recurring charge for the system and app access.

This amount represents a license to use the software, website, landing pages and app. The software is offered “AS IS” with no warranty regarding its functionality, website availability, or the results obtained from use. All third party links added to the Eblaa system by a subscriber within an online store are subject to approval. Eblaa services has the sole discretion to remove any third party links to content that we deem as potentially objectionable to our user base, including but not limited to adult material, gambling and drugs.

All software, leads generated by software, and the database that contains said leads is property of Eblaa Services. Your quarterly fee for subscription is a license to use said software and the leads generated by the software. Upon cancellation, any unused leads may be assigned to other members. Any lead in Eblaa Services proprietary database that is marked with a status of ‘new lead’ shall be construed to be unused and may be subject to reassignment immediately upon cancellation, this is based on the sole discretion of Eblaa Services. Eblaa Services makes no representation of the success or potential success of its members, and the income that may or not be generated by using our software subscription.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Software Subscriptions (Quarterly)

15-Day Guarantee: We want you to be thrilled with your Eblaa subscription. We issue refunds for software subscriptions within 15 days of your last purchase. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues logging in, or using our products.

Add-on Custom Packages

We do not issue refunds for add-on Custom Packages once the order is confirmed and access has been delivered.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.